Father Is A Dog

A father has chewed up and spat out his own role in the family, instead opting to act as master to his sons; worthless dogs in his eyes…But for how long will these dogs not bite back?

Director Lee Sang-woo forges a vicious takedown on masculinity and family that both stuns and enthralls in this intensely affecting drama.

Since the death of their mother, a menacing patriarchy has bedeviled the home of the widower and his three sons. Kwang-Hun tries to allay his father’s wrath and crazed abuse by protecting his brothers, one disabled and the other retreated into isolation. When the father brings home a foreign boy, as his lover to sleep where his wife once had, the absurd family relationship becomes ever more complicated for the three sons. Kwang-Hun hopes he can provide some balance and normality when he introduces the brothers to a homeless woman, but when they secretly start bringing her to their home, a cruel fate awaits everyone.

Staring into the abyss has never been so gripping. Lee Sang-woo’s trademark balancing act marrying sympathy and disgust reaches new heights in this brooding, climactic family overture.

Dir: Lee Sang-woo
Cast: Lee Sang-woo (DEAR DICTATOR, I AM TRASH), Kwon Bum-taek (I AM TRASH, MOTHER IS A WHORE), Lee Si-ho
Runtime: 97mins
Language: Korean (English subtitles)
Country: South Korea
Rating: TBC


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