Hero of Shaolin

“A slice of classic late night kung fu movie pie with plenty of high-quality stylised choreography”
Impact Magazine

“…a hidden gem of a movie with loads of great action scenes ….”
Kung Fu Kingdom

“… incredible choreography: fast, fluid and bursting with creativity …”
Kung Fu Movie Guide

Full on, non-stop martial arts action - old-school style.

A troop of monks from the Shaolin Temple embark on a mission to get the Golden Sutra to Tibet after the Shaolin Abbot is killed by their traitorous teacher. They are joined on their quest by a beautiful, female warrior, out to avenge her father's death.

They traverse forests and mountains on their mission, all the while fighting off deadly ninja assassins, vicious gangsters and even the undead.

An undiscovered gem, unearthed and restored, Hero of Shaolin is a must see for Kung Fu fans.

Dir: Cheung Kei, Dai Che
Cast: Alexander Lo Rei, (WU TANG vs NINJA), Kim Fan, Wong Lung (WU TANG vs NINJA), Eagle Han Ying (THE FEARLESS HYENA), Robert Tai (SHAOLIN vs NINJA)
Runtime: 87min
Language: English dubbed
Country: Taiwan
Rating: 15


DVD Release Date:

Screen Ratio:
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen

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