Tropical Manila

Lee Sang-woo announces himself to the world with TROPICAL MANILA, a debut full of family loathing and violent conflict.

A man responsible for heinous crimes is far from home escaping punishment. He continues his destructive ways with his new family on the edge of Manila. However, his opportunity to return home is looming, and his son has grown older and more vengeful.

Will anyone in the family get what they want, or are they fated to implode? A touching story of outsiders and nomads fighting against the most abject of circumstances.

The debut feature film of Lee Sang-woo is singular even amongst his own distinctive oeuvre. This stark and strikingly vivid tale of father and son is a tense journey to an enrapturing, sprawling conflict.

Full movie available to stream in the above player. Check out his other films in the Lee Sang-woo Collection

Dir: Lee Sang-woo
Cast: Jerald de Vera (FIRE IN HELL), Kim Su-nam, Maries Chanel Rebucas, Marife Necesito (GRACELAND)
Runtime: 89min
Language: Korean, Tagalog (English subtitles)
Country: South Korea
Rating: TBC

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