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Watch kick ass films starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, as well as kung fu classics from the Shaw Brothers studio era.

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From splatter to monsters, body horror to the supernatural and folk tales, browse our list of horror films.

TFEFF Retrospective

Relive some of the highlights from across all editions of the Terracotta Festival. We’ve selected some of your favourites and some of the team’s favourites, from different editions, different countries and different genres. Only available to watch until end of December, so catch them while you can!

Recommended films to stream


    1 video

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    Summer Time Machine Blues is a delightful teenage time-travel comedy from 2005 and a cult favourite in Japan. To members of the university Sci-Fi Club, summer means hanging around in the clubhouse with the air-con blasting. When the air-con remote i...

  • Action: A Prayer Before Dawn

    1 video

    The amazing true story of Billy Moore, an English boxer incarcerated in Thailand's most notorious prison. Thrown into a world of drugs and violence, he finds his best chance to escape is to fight his way out in Muay Thai tournaments and break down the barriers between him and his inmates.


  • Action: Birth of the Dragon

    1 video

    The origin story of Bruce Lee. In San Francisco, a young Bruce Lee is making a name for himself, teaching martial arts to Americans. Angering traditionalist practitioners, Shaolin master Wong Jack Man travels to the US to reprimand him and thus a confrontation is set up that goes down as a legend...

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