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Martial arts film fan?

Watch kick ass films starring Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, as well as kung fu classics from the Shaw Brothers studio era.

Asian drama fan?

From internationally acclaimed directors to emerging new independent story tellers, watch engaging drama’s from across Asia.

TFEFF Retrospective

Relive some of the highlights from across all editions of the Terracotta Festival. We’ve selected some of your favourites and some of the team’s favourites, from different editions, different countries and different genres. Only available to watch until end of December, so catch them while you can!

Love Asian Cinema? So do we!

From Kung Fu to Korean drama, from Asia extreme to anime, find Asian DVD titles and Asian blu ray collector editions on the Terracotta store.

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  • Terracotta Exclusive: Kaiju Mono

    1 video

    Man vs Kaiju! After a series of natural disasters causes cracks to open in the Earth's surface, a Kaiju is unleased in Japan.
    But scientists have a plan to save mankind from the destructive beast - a secret serum to transform the skinniest of weaklings to a giant sumo wrestler, a human the size o...

  • Ip Man
    1 video

    Ip Man

    1 video

    The first film in the biopic franchise of Bruce Lee's master - Ip Man definitively portrayed by Donnie Yen.

    Set during the Sino-Japanese war in the first half of the 1900's, Grandmaster Ip Man, whose ultimate fighting skills are revered across China, refuses to teach his fighting style to the oc...

  • TFEFF Retrospective: Accident

    1 video

    Ordinary fatal accidents or the perfect murder?
    Ho Kwok-Fai (Louis Koo) heads a professional group of killers whose specialty is making deaths seem like genuine and tragic accidents. Their job demands that Kwok-Fai and his team concoct elaborate setups with cold precision to eliminate victims for...

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