A Brand New Life

A Brand New Life

Loosely based on the French-Korean filmmakers own experience, A Brand New Life is Lecomte's emotional feature debut. Set in Seoul in 1975, the film portrays the struggles and adjustments of young girl who is abandoned by her father at a Catholic orphanage.

A Brand New Life won several awards, including the Best Asian Film Award at the 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival and the jury award at the 2009 Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam.

Director: Ounie Lecomte

Cast: Sul Kyoung-gu, Ko Ah-sung, Kim Sae-ron, Oh Man-seok, Mun Seong-kun, Park Myeong-Shin, KimYoo-nah, Parl Do Yeon

Language: Korean, English subtitles

Country: Korea

Year: 2009

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 92 minutes

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A Brand New Life

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