April Snow

April Snow

From director Hur Jin-ho (Forbidden Dream) comes this two-time award winning film about love and loss.

In-su (Bae Yong-jun ) and Seo-young (Son Ye-jin) meet in a hospital after their respective partners are involved in a car accident. However, after learning that their spouses have been having an affair, the two begin one of their own.

This classic of the Korean New Wave is now available for the first time to watch in the UK and the delicate nuance of the affair has drawn comparisons with Wong Kar-Wais’ In The Mood For Love.

Director: Hur Jin-ho

Cast: Bae Yong-jun, Son Ye-jin, Chun Kook-huan, Lim Sang-hyo, Ryu Seung-soo

Language: Korean with English subtitles

Country: Korea

Year: 2005

Genre: Romantic Drama

Runtime: 105 minutes

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April Snow

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