Jackie Chan Collection: City Hunter

Jackie Chan Collection: City Hunter

Jackie Chan stars in the film adaptation of the CITY HUNTER manga.

Helmed by Wong Jing (GOD OF GAMBLERS) bringing his low-brow humour, paired with Jackie's Buster Keaton comedic stunts, this pairing propelled this film to become one of the highest grossing films in Hong Kong at the time of it's release.

Fans of the manga series featuring Ryo and Kaori, will be delighted to see these characters brought to life by Jackie Chan and Joey Wang. Also stars regular Wong Jing muse, Chingmy Yau and Japanese idol Kumiko Goto.

Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Jackie Chan, Richard Norton, Joey Wang
Genre: Crime Comedy
Language: Cantonese w/ English subtitles
Country: Hong Kong | Japan
Year: 1993
Runtime: 105 mins

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Jackie Chan Collection: City Hunter

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