Il Mare

Il Mare

Remade as The Lake House starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, this is the first time that the original version is available to watch in the UK.

In 1999 Eun-jo (Jun Ji-hyun) a successful voice actress, ended her tenancy of Il Mare, a quaint house on a lake. She leaves a Christmas card requesting the next tenant forwards her correspondences. When the tenant, an architect student replies, Eun-jo discovers that his letter is dated 1997, two years before she contacted him, and that he is the original owner of the property. And so begins a friendship separated by 2 years.
But who is this mystery man?

Director: Lee Hyun-seung
Cast: Lee Jung-jae, Gianna Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Mu-Saeng, Jo Seung-Yeon, Min Yun-Jae, Choe Yun-Yeong
Language: Korean w/ English subtitles
Country: South Korean
Year: 2000
Genre: Romantic Drama / Fantasy
Runtime: 105 mins

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Il Mare

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