My Girlfriend Is An Agent

My Girlfriend Is An Agent

Due to her continual lying, a man breaks up with his girlfriend, unaware that she is a secret agent. A few years later, they meet again without knowing that this time they both have secrets.

With more than a tinge of Mr and Mrs Smith, and with similarly action packed scenes, add in a mission to save the world from Russian arms dealers, MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT was so popular it spawned a Korean drama TV series, 7TH GRADE CIVIL SERVANT.

Directed by: Terra Shin
Starring: Kim Ha-neul (TV series: 18 Again), Kang Ji-hwan (Rough Cut, Runway Cop), Ryu Seung-ryong
Language: Korean w/ English subtitles
Genre: Crime Comedy
Country: South Korea
Year: 2009
Runtime: 112 mins

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My Girlfriend Is An Agent

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