TFEFF Retrospective: Forever Love

TFEFF Retrospective: Forever Love

Drunken directors, egotistical stars, and men in monster suits line this charming, film industry-set, romantic comedy that celebrates a forgotten era in Taiwanese cinema.

Energetic septuagenarian Liu Chi-sheng (LUNG Shao-hua) is confined to a hospital bed after a biking accident. Worried about his wife, who suffers from dementia, he tells his visiting granddaughter the incredible story of how they met.

Flashback to 1969, when Chi-sheng (now played by Blue LAN) was Hollywood Taiwan’s hottest scriptwriter and his wife, Mei-Yue (Amber AN), was an aspiring actress with an unfortunate crush on Wan Bao-Long, a posturing matinee idol who was a poor man’s James Bond.

An irresistible love story and a nostalgic tribute to the heyday of Taiwanese-language films, which affectionately pokes fun at the wild ideas that made it to screen.

Director: Aozaru SHIAO, Toyoharu KITAMURA

Cast: LUNG Shao-hua, Blue LAN, Amber AN, LI Yi-chieh, Edison WANG, Tien HSIN, SHEN Hai-jung, LIAO Jun, CHEN Ping-nan
Runtime: 124 min

Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese with English subtitles

Country: Taiwan

Year: 2013

Genre: Romantic comedy

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TFEFF Retrospective: Forever Love

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