Drama: Keeping Watch

Drama: Keeping Watch

A bizarre split-personality love story

The monotonous life of watch fixer Ching (Haden Kuo) is suddenly punctuated by the arrival of a customer, Han, played by Chang Hsiao-chuan (Eternal Summer), who starts to come, strangely, everyday at the same time with the same fault on his watch.

This welcome diversion actually leads Ching down a path towards romance; both Ching and Han are actually trapped in their own respective ways and find freedom with each others company.

When Ching calls Hans’ home, his parents inform her that he had died a long time ago……

An impressive debut from writer/director Cheng Fen Fen whilst cinematographer Chen Hsi-Sheng brings a dreamy quality to the film.

Director: Cheng Fenfen
Cast: Chang Hsiao-chuan, Haden Kuo
Language: Mandarin w/ English subtitles
Genre: Mystery Romance
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2007
Runtime: 92 mins

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Drama: Keeping Watch