Drama: The Tiger Factory

Drama: The Tiger Factory

Would you sell your baby to escape to a new life abroad?

A harsh tale of Ping Ping (Lai Fooi Mun) and her desire to escape from her drab existence and start a new life in Japan.

Working at a pig breeding farm, pregnant Ping Ping yearns to escape her humdrum life and the guardianship of her aunt. She scrimps and saves to pay a human-trafficking gang boss to take her, but falls short and is turned away.

Ping Ping decides to try again and risks everything to realise her dream

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival 2010, Directors’ Fortnight

Director: Woo Ming Jin (Woman on Fire Looking for Water)
Cast: Lai Fooi Mun, Pearlly Chua, Susan Lee, Rum Nun Chung
Language: Mandarin w/ English subtitles
Genre: Drama
Country: Malaysia
Year: 2010
Runtime: 92 mins

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Drama: The Tiger Factory
  • The Tiger Factory

    Following on from the impressive Woman on Fire Looks for Water, for his next film Malaysian filmmaker Woo Ming Jin takes on the insufferable circumstances of nineteen-year-old Ping Ping. For Woo, economic factors are often decisive. Under the watchful gaze of her aunt Tien, Ping Ping works hersel...